Dr. Tiziana von Bruchhausen | Safetywriting

 Safety writing / Scientific writing / Medical writing



My qualifications and skills


 • PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology in collaboration with the Open University of London (UK) at the San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milan (IT)


 • EMWA-Certificates: completed the EMWA Professional Development Programme in Medical Writing at foundation (drug development area) and advanced level


 • Expertise and specialistic trainings in pharmacovigilance in the following areas:


                                                  •  safety regulatory writing

                                                  •  literature review

                                                  •  case processing and event assessment


 • Coordination and group leading; task management in global teams


 • Languages:

                                                  •  Italian: native speaker

                                                  •  English: fluent

                                                  •  German: fluent

                                                  •  French: good

                                                  •  Spanish: good in reading




 • EMWA - European Medical Writers Association



 Quality and Competence with Care